We’re a dental marketing agency with more than 10 years of experience building successful dental brands and helping them grow through search, social and paid digital campaigns.

About Us

We are a team of senior marketing professionals with decades of experience across many sectors including healthcare, telecoms, finance, software, e-commerce and publishing. We can help you

  • Formulate a marketing strategy
  • Build a marketing plan
  • Manage your digital channels
  • Improve conversion rates
  • We offer a straightforward approach to digital marketing that’s highly effective.
    Everything we do is with two common goals in mind:

    Leverage a greater return on investment for our clients
    Learn and share our insights and knowledge with our clients

    Luc Wade
    Managing Director

    Danielle Lawson
    Account Manager

    Andrew Thomas
    Head of SEO

    Rachel Wraight
    Account Manager

    Hannah Kemp
    Production Manager

    Ottilia Aviram Amey
    Senior Designer

    Stewart Roode
    Head of Paid Digital

    Callum Shone

    “I’ve enjoyed working with everybody within Hive and I would recommend to everybody looking for change in their practice to help move the business forward”

    Dr Rachel Addison
    Cotteswold House Dental Care

    “I would strongly recommend Hive for anyone that requires guidance and support for growing and developing their business”

    Dr Simon Oldham
    Hertfordshire Dental Group

    “My business partner and I used Hive when we brought our dental practice last year. Their expertise, due diligence and planning really helped make the process as stress free and smooth as possible. They have been great with all aspects of our business development and marketing, we would definitely recommend Hive!”

    Francine Fletcher
    Albert Road Dental Practice

    “We’ve worked with Hive from the beginning. They’ve been amazing. They’ve literally been on the journey with us”

    Sonya Pabari
    Stourbridge Dental & Implant Clinic


    We will provide an unbiased view of current performance, and highlight areas where your digital marketing could be improved to get more traffic and enquiries.

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