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Full service agency with more than 10-years of experience within dentistry.

Some of our clients

Across UK and Ireland

Our clients

Across UK and Ireland

About us

We are a team of senior marketing professionals with decades of experience across many sectors including healthcare, telecoms, finance, software, e-commerce and publishing. We can help you
  • Formulate a marketing strategy
  • Build a marketing plan
  • Manage your digital channels
  • Improve conversion rates
We offer a straightforward approach to digital marketing that’s highly effective.  Everything we do is with two common goals in mind:
  • Leverage a greater return on investment for our clients
  • Learn and share our insights and knowledge with our clients
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Core Team

Luc Wade
Managing Director

Andrew Thomas
Head of SEO

Hannah Kemp
Production Manager

Jane Chrispin
Digital Account

Stewart Roode
Head of Paid Digital

Marta Patti
Creative Manager

“I can’t speak highly enough of Luc and the team at Hive”

Neesha Patel

@ Pure Periodontics

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Five rules for growth

Five rules for growth

I hope you take away one of the five ideas below and try it out in your practice. If you want to do more, a Diagnostic Day is a good place to start.

Get Proposal

Get Proposal

We will provide an unbiased view of current performance, and highlight areas where your digital marketing could be producing a better ROI.