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Google Advertising

PPC is about delivering quality leads and positive ROI. Google Ads allows you to bid for traffic via search terms and compete with other practices to get in front of your audience.

Paid Search is a highly effective way of buying traffic to your website. It’s trackable and as a result, it’s very easy to measure how profitable the traffic is.

Before setting up any campaign, we undertake extensive competitor research and plan our campaigns accordingly. This process allows use to build effective campaigns that will drive highly targeted visitors to your website.

What Our Google Ads Service Includes

Market & Competitor Research

We will assess the potential profitability of paid search, analysing key phrase demand and buyer habits. We will audit your website as well as your top competitors.

ROI Focused Results

We will take over your account or create one from scratch making sure we get the set up right to provide a platform for sustainable growth and optimisation. We want relevant traffic to your website, not just clicks.

Advanced Tracking

We set up performance tracking so that we are able to track enquiries back to specific campaigns, keywords and pages. Using Google Tag Manager and call tracking solutions we can understand which campaigns are driving high volume and quality leads.

Continuous Optimisation

We closely monitor your account and look for opportunities which will allow us to enhance PPC performance. Driving more patients to your site when it matters most.

Landing pages

High performance campaigns are half the battle. Providing a good web experience is key to your success. We will make recommendations for your site including building new landing pages to ensure you convert as many visitors as possible to enquiries.


The majority of visitors will not convert when they first visit so we can add remarketing to position your ads in front of these audiences as they browse Facebook, Instagram and other networks.

What you get from us

New patient enquiries

A steady stream of new patient enquiries for high value treatments through both paid and organic traffic sources.

Specific knowledge & insights

Direct access to an experienced team and complete transparency. We only work with dentists and have many years’ experience.

Performance reporting

Comprehensive reporting and tracking to help you understand which marketing activities are driving practice growth.


We will provide an unbiased view of current performance, and highlight areas where your digital marketing could be improved to get more traffic and enquiries.

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